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Coins & Currency Online Exhbit

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An online exhibit built to showcase rare coins from the Colonial Williamsburg collection.

This is an aging project of mine. I still enjoy all the little details that went in to making it a valuable educational tool. About the time I finished, Javascript had reached a point where the whole thing could have been created using it. Ah well.

Awards: 2007 Interactive Media Awards: Outstanding Achievement; 2007 Silver Award, W³ Awards; 2007 Outstanding Website WebAward, Web Marketing Association

  • Art direction
  • Design
  • Structure coding (Flash)
  • Scripting functionality (ActionScript2, XML)
  • Flash


  • Easy to update using XML

    Once again I turned to my trusted back-end format of XML to enable text and image changes without having to re-export the whole exhibit from Flash when content changed.

  • Super-fancy dynamically created timeline

    This was a hard one! Pulled information from the XML file and then set it up to dynamically arrange on the timeline.

  • Lots of added features

    To make the exhibit as useful as possible, I included a glossary, search, zoom functionality, informational popups, relative size, and relative value displays.

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