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I have a wide variety of skills in that I am both a designer and front-end developer. I am as familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator as I am with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, honing my knowledge over the last 16+ years. My current technology focus is on static site generators, and responsive design. I am versed in Drupal 7 and WordPress CMS theming and development, adding a general knowledge of PHP and MySQL to my skillset. I also have a deeply-ingrained work ethic and work well independently or with a team.

In addition, I am also experienced in graphic design, icon illustration, lettering & calligraphy, and photography.

How I think

My goals for a website are always first-and-foremost ease-of-use and a high-quality aesthetic that promotes the brand of the product. The hierarchy of information is paramount. We need to answer important questions: what is our goal? What do our users need to know? How can we help them get what they want? A continual back-and-forth discussion with the client helps things to stay on the right track.

I love to learn and I am constantly researching new technologies and new uses for old ones. Watching design trends keeps me current and interested in new layouts and thought processes for creating website designs.

What other people think

Over the years, I’ve received numerous awards for several websites I’ve worked on either as a team member or solo. The awards are listed in my portfolio and and on my resume.

What I’m doing now

I currently work full-time for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as Senior Web Developer. In my life outside of work, taking care of my family and a life-long love of art and photography keep me busy.

Things I like

I enjoy organizing and planning websites, apps, and utilites, creating beautiful, functional designs, and building the sites/apps to work quickly and seamlessly for the user.

Interests: mindfulness, psychology, natural horsemanship, healthy eating, gardening, home beautification and organization, calligraphy & lettering, illustration, and photography